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Club Membership Requirements

Welcome to the Florida  Skyliners of Miami Inc.

The charter name of the club Shall be the Florida Skyliners of Miami, Inc., hereinafter referred as "the Club". For business purposes, the Club shall hereinafter be referred to as" Tall Club  of Miami.
The Purpose of the Club shall be to promote Tall Awareness, to promote friendship among tall people, and to sponsor activities of interest and benefit to all Members.
The club shall be a Member Club of Tall Clubs International,Inc., hereinafter referred to as TCI. and shall adhere to TCI Bylaws.
Membership Requirements
Admission to membership in the Club shall be based on the following:
1. Shall meet height requirements of:
a. At least six (6) feet two (2) inches (men) or
b. At least five (5) feet ten (10) inches (women)
2. Shall be at least 21 years of age.
3. Must attend three (3) functions during a six 6-month period; one of the functions shall be a work function. Work function shall be defined as a General Meeting or other Meeting as designated by the Executive Board. Activities that establish a work function shall be designated on the club calendar or notification.
4. Shall have on file with the First Vice President a properly executed application, which includes height measurements, endorsed by a Member of the Board.
5. Shall, after meeting all requirements, be considered for final approval by the Executive Board. Requirements shall be met in “a time period not to exceed six (6) months.
6. Upon final approval by the Executive Board shall be invoiced for prorated dues, payment of which shall provide membership in the Club.
7. Either spouse of a married couple may apply for membership if he or she meet the requirements, In the event one spouse does not meet the height requirements, that spouse may apply as an Associate Member.